Interviews and selection

Design Build RFQ

  1. Determine budget specifically for RFQ effort, including stipends paid to unsuccessful finalists.
  2. Determine RFQ schedule.
  3. Draft project charter.
  4. Apply for Project Review Committee (PRC) approval.
  5. Complete and send Exposure Checklist form to Risk Management.
  6. Develop selection committee, packet and advertisement.
  7. Receive submittals, evaluate and score.
  8. Interviews and selection
  9. Finalize Design Build contract.

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Selecting team

Conduct interviews and score the teams.

Review selected team with management and others as required.

Notify selected team and confirm details for Phase 1 (discovery and design through mutually agreed-upon design stage).

  • Obtain fee proposal
  • Obtain contract scope letter

Submit contract to the Board of Trustees for approval.

Once BOT approves contract, send notification letters and stipends to finalist teams who were not selected.