PW Procedures

  1. Change e-Builder status to “Consultant Selection.”
  2. Complete and send Exposure Checklist form to Risk Management.
  3. Verify consultant's COVID protocol information.
  4. If design fee will not exceed $300,000 and no specialized skills are needed, select from consultant roster and go to Consultant Contracting.
  5. If fee exceeds $300,000, prepare Board of Trustees (BOT) action item to award design.
  6. If design fee exceeds $300,000 or highly specialized skills are needed, begin Request for Qualifications (RFQ) process.
  7. Update e-Builder to add consultants.
  8. Process consultant invoices as they are received.
  1. Determine delivery method.
  2. Develop RFQ schedule.
  3. Complete and send Exposure Checklist form to Risk Management.
  4. Develop selection committee, packet and advertisement.
  5. Receive submittals, evaluate and score.
  6. Interview and score finalists.
  7. Update e-Builder status of Design firm for external consultant.
  8. Proceed to Consultant Contracting.
  1. Develop division 00 and division 01 specifications from templates specific to project.
  2. Complete and send Exposure Checklist form to Risk Management.
  3. Prepare schedule and specifications for pre-bids and bids.
  1. Direct consultant to upload a single bookmarked PDF each for:
    • Drawings
    • Project manual
  2. Set up Bluebeam review session.
  3. Schedule design review meeting to review project and design with:
    • Consultant
    • FM
    • Clients
  4. Follow up with consultant.