PW776 RFQ Submittal Instructions

Response Date:  3:00 PM PST, Bellingham WA local time, July 30, 2021

The University is requiring electronic submittals of the items listed below for this solicitation. Hard copy submittals will not be accepted. Submissions must be electronically delivered through the PW776 RFQ submittal link no later than 3:00 pm on the date scheduled.

  1. The electronic submittal shall include the Request for Qualification solicitation number (PW776), the title of the document, and due date and time in the subject line.
    • The Qualification shall be titled, “WWU PW776 Student Development & Success Center – Predesign Services
  2. Please limit file size to 80MB.
  3. The University will use the time stamp on the submittal upload to determine timeliness.
  4. Proposers are responsible for ensuring timely delivery of submittals.
  5. The University is not responsible for Finalists’ technical difficulties in submitting electronically.
  6. Late submittals will not be evaluated.
  7. Submittal format requirements:
    • Formatted in a single searchable PDF.
    • Include searchable bookmarks for each section of the Qualification, corresponding to the sections outline in Selection Search Criteria.
    • Organized in accordance with the RFQ.
    • The submittals shall not exceed forty (40) pages.  A “page” is defined as, when printed, a one-sided single sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper, unless the instruction specifically allows a larger sheet of paper. 
    • The font should be no smaller than 10 point.

Any addenda issued for this RFQ will be published on the RFQ website.

Design teams are responsible for checking the website for any addenda prior to submission of Qualifications.  If you are unable to download the addenda, you may contact the individual noted above.

Contact Information

Forest Payne, Project Manager & University Planner

(360) 650-6813