Small Works Roster

Public works projects for Western Washington University (Western) with a construction value between $25,000 and $350,000 will solicit quotes via the Small Works Roster. No public advertisement will be made for these projects and only contractors on the Small Works Roster will be given an opportunity to bid. No bid bond will be required, and the bid period may be shorter than an advertised competitive bid process. Contract documents will include the University's standard general conditions and drawings and specifications, as applicable.

When a project is ready to bid on the Small Works Roster, Western will follow the procedures set forth in the RCWs for soliciting quotes (see table below). 

Construction Contract Cost Solicitation
Under $50K

Solicit bids from a minimum of 3 contractors on the Roster (created based on the type of work)

$50K - $250K

Solicit bids from a minimum of 5 contractors on the Roster (created based on the type of work)

$250K- $350K

Solicit a minimum of 5 bidders from the Roster (created based on the type of work) and notify all other listed firms on the Roster that the job exists or solicit bid from all contractors on the Roster

Only the amount(s) and information requested will be considered; no additional modifications or alterations of any kind will be considered as part of the bid. Contract award will be to the low responsive bidder.

Western will use the Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC) to generate the small works roster. We encourage contractors interested in doing business with Western to sign-up with MRSC, if you have not already done so. 

Bonds Prevailing Wages 

In accordance with Ch. 39.08 RCW, a 5% retainage of the moneys earned by the contract will be held and released under the requirements of Ch. 60.28 RCW. Also, in accordance with Ch. 39.08 RCW, a performance and payment bond will be required.

Contractor and all subcontractors shall pay the prevailing rate of wage in accordance with Ch. 39.12 RCW and a Notice of Intent to pay prevailing wages must be on file with the University prior to starting work and before any payment will be made.


The University’s Risk Manager will review the furnished certificate(s) of insurance and deviations from the minimum requirements will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, although deviations are not likely to be accepted.

At a minimum, Western Washington University, its trustees, officers, directors, employees, agents, and volunteers shall be named as an additional insured (except Worker’s Compensation and Professional Liability Insurance), all rights against the University for recovery of damages shall be waived and all insurance shall be primary and shall not contribute to any other insurance or self-insurance programs afforded to the University.  Also, additional coverage may be required depending on the specific project selected.

The contractor shall agree to the University’s standard indemnification and hold harmless provision, which is in favor of the University, and will agree to waive its immunity under Title 51 RCW.

Qualification Requirements

To qualify for selection, contractors must demonstrate the following in experience and qualifications:

  1. Be a licensed contractor in the State of Washington.
  2. Have successfully completed at least three projects, each with a value of no less than $75,000, or $25,000 for the landscaping category.
  3. Have some experience in a public work capacity.
  4. Have two years' experience in the area of expertise for which listing is sought.
  5. Be able to demonstrate financial capability.

Applicants will be reviewed based on successful experience in the public work area; knowledge and experience in controlling noise, dust, and dirt within the project site and adjacent areas; experience with complex systems and equipment, including mechanical systems such as fire sprinkler, alarm systems, medical gasses, and digital control systems. Western reserves the right to reject any applicant that, in its judgment, cannot satisfactorily perform public work projects at the University.

Projects Procured Under Small Works Roster

Below is a list of projects for which Western has procured construction contracts using the Small Works Roster. The links to each project include a bid tabulation based on the quotes received.

Small Works Roster Projects in Review