SP084 Project Intent

This study’s goal is to determine the feasibility of converting the existing steam distribution system on the WWU campus to a water-based system. The intent is to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, the WWU heating system’s greenhouse gas emissions and overall environmental impact.

The Feasibility Study will evaluate different options and technologies for converting the existing campus steam system and identify viable alternative solutions to be developed as part of the Study. The Study will evaluate the following:

  • Ability of the existing tunnel network to accommodate a new distribution system.
  • Identify and evaluate all alternatives to using steam for district heating and the impact associated with the following:
    • WWU’s current electric grid capacity
    • Overall environmental impacts
    • Constructability and phasing
    • Construction and Operating Costs (includes cost estimates that could be used for WWU’s 2023-25 Capital Request)
    • Ability to integrate with future chilled water distribution
    • Additional challenges and opportunities
  • Explore options for potential connection to a local district heating system.
  • Additional sustainability measures that are in-line with the goals cited above.

Contact Information

Julian Rodgers, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Project Manager

(360) 650-2230