2025-27 Capital Budget

The Capital Planning and Space Advisory Committee and the President’s Cabinet will meet to discuss the 2025-2027 Capital Request (Request) and 2025-35 Ten-Year Capital Plan (Plan). The Request and Plan includes major (over $10 million), intermediate ($2 million to $10 million), and minor works ($25,000 to $2 million) preservation and programmatic projects. The draft Request and Plan was presented to the Board of Trustees (Board) for their review at the April 2024 meeting. The final Request and Plan will be presented to the Board for their approval at the June 2024 meeting.

Project proposals associated with the Request are anticipated to be due to the Office of Financial Management in August 2024 and the Ten-Year Capital Plan in September 2024.

Contact Information

Brian Ross, Director of Capital Budget & Public Works Procurement
(360) 650-6539