Request a Project

Steps for space modification projects

The Space Modification Request was created to simplify the process of requesting functional or capacity changes to work and instructional spaces on campus. 

This form should be used to begin the process of proposing or requesting:

  • Minor Works projects to be included in Capital Budget Requests
  • Projects funded by departmental or institutional funds
  • Projects funded by University Residences funds
  • Any project that changes current space capacity or function, for example:
    • Converting office space to instructional space
    • Converting a traditional classroom to active learning
    • Renovating to create or reorganize work spaces

Space Administration and Planning will ensure the project follows design specifications, receives appropriate approvals, and aligns with Western's space goals and standards. Any project to be funded in the Capital Budget Request will be evaluated by the legislature's Space Planning and Resource Committee and will require State Legislative approval.

On the form, please provide requested information, including project location, goals, requirements, and funding sources, and attach supporting documentation.

Contact Information

For questions about using the form or developing projects, please contact:

Ellen Kuhlmann, Program Manager for Space Administration and Management
(360) 650-3935

Jeremy Hammond, Technology Operations Manager
(360) 650-2702

All maintenance and repair requests should be made to the Fixit Customer Service Center.