Recently Completed Projects

This project provided the following improvements at Birnam Wood:

  • Replace the bridges and siding at Stacks 3 and 4
  • Window and siding replacement at the Community Building.

Start Construction: April 2023
Complete Construction: August 2023

This project provides the following improvements at the Science, Math, and Technology Education Building (SMATE):

  • replace the roofing, repair leak in the south façade
  • seal and repair the masonry.

Construction Start: December 2022
Construction Complete: December 2024

The project improved the pedestrian paths in central campus to remove trip hazards and barriers and make ramps ADA compliant.

Construction start: June 2023
Construction complete: September 2023

This project renovated Marine Center 102 at Shannon Point to modernize the lab and improve ADA access.

Construction Start: September 2023
Construction Complete: December 2023

The Academic Advising and Student Achievement Center is being renovated to reconfigure the space and refresh worn finishes throughout the suite.

Construction Start: June 2023
Construction Complete: August 2023

This project added emergency showers and eyewashes to labs in the Biology and Chemistry Buildings where caustic chemicals are used. 

Construction Start: March 2023
Construction Complete: July 2023

The makerspace in Engineering Technology 251 was renovated to update space and electrical functionality, including ADA and life safety improvements.

Construction Start: June 2023
Construction Complete: September 2023