Bluebeam Session

Set up a Bluebeam Session

When preparing for a Bluebeam review session, first discuss project and plan communications with Facilities Management Quality Assurance Construction Coordinator.

Initiate Bluebeam session for design review through e-Builder.

  • Using Outlook, email a single invitation to all participants, including FM QC/QA Construction Coordinator, CPD staff as necessary, clients as necessary, and any others.
  • Use the following format for information included in all design review emails:

PROJECT TITLE including PW#, building, small scope of work, and type of review (SD/DD/CD/BD/etc):

BLUEBEAM SESSION ID: (copied from Bluebeam)

BLUEBEAM SESSION URL: (copied from Bluebeam)


PROJECT REFERENCE NOTES that give additional scope, assumed completion date, and any short, important details that are not covered above.

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