BOT Design Action Item


  1. Change e-Builder status to “Consultant Selection.”
  2. Complete and send Exposure Checklist form to Risk Management.
  3. Verify consultant's COVID protocol information.
  4. If design fee will not exceed $300,000 and no specialized skills are needed, select from consultant roster and go to Consultant Contracting.
  5. If fee exceeds $300,000, prepare Board of Trustees (BOT) action item to award design.
  6. If design fee exceeds $300,000 or highly specialized skills are needed, begin Request for Qualifications (RFQ) process.
  7. Update e-Builder to add consultants.
  8. Process consultant invoices as they are received.

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BOT Action Item

If fee exceeds $300,000, develop Board of Trustees (BOT) action item to award design, including:

  • Purpose of submittal: brief description of award seeking approval
  • Proposed motions: formal motion to approve contract
  • Supporting information: project details, including
    • Delivery method and Revised Code of Washington (RCW) numbers under which the approach is allowed
    • Breakdown and history of multiple bid packages within a project
    • Budget controls
    • Percentage of completion for documents on which bid was based, e.g., 90% CD
    • Breakdown of costs and total for bid package
    • Goals for participation by Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises (MBWE) and plan for achieving those goals

Provide written action item to Associate and Assistant Directors for review a minimum of 3 weeks before scheduled BOT meeting.

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