Central Services Overview

WWU Central Services is comprised of 3 divisions to help facilitate your transportation, receiving, and surplus needs. We are available to help you with the delivery of items, transport large items such as furniture, and even pickup and removal of surplus furniture and equipment you no longer need.

Are you planning a move, changing of office, or expecting a delivery outside of the normal carrier areas? Review our services below to learn how we can help you connect with us and get everything scheduled:


Our full-service dock means that we can cater to delivery trucks of any size. This means we can better assist you with the delivery of goods which would be difficult for carriers to deliver on campus. 

Campus Logistics Operations

Campus Logistics Operations is on hand to assist with your office/campus/building changes in equipment, furnishing, etc. Whether you need to move a single office or an entire building, we can help with your transition as well as the removal of waste and garbage materials which do not qualify as surplus items.

Surplus Inventory

Surplus items are anything still in good condition that you no longer wish to use, which could be re-used or sold. We facilitate the pickup and removal of your unwanted furnishings and the sale of such surplus on our public surplus auction site.