GC/CM Phases 2 & 3


Conduct interviews and score the teams.

Review selected teams with management and others as required.

Generate Phase 3 Request for Final Proposal (RFFP) document with Division 00 and Division 01 general conditions to send to the successful teams.

Phone successful teams to let them know they have been selected to submit RFFP.

Email notification letters to both successful and unsuccessful candidates.

For successful candidates, include the Phase 3 RFFP packet with the notification to allow them to prepare responses.

Document and time stamp submittals as they arrive.

  • For digital submissions, time stamp is automatic.
  • Hold a public bid opening for RFFP documents.

Review RFFP documents and score.

  • Compile scores from Phases 1, 2, and 3 into GC/CM tabulation form.
  • Identify successful team.
  • Send notification letters via email to both successful and unsuccessful team.