Guide to Services

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Repair & Maintenance

Has your light fixture stopped working? Is rain dripping onto your desk? We can help.

To request repair or maintenance service:

For after-hours emergency service, call University Police dispatch at (360) 650-3555.


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New keys are ordered through the Fixit portal.

If you are swapping room assignments in your department, you don’t need to order new keys. Just go to Fixit and select "Reassign an Existing Key" under "Access Request." Keys can also be temporarily assigned to the department while awaiting new personnel.

Directory Updates

Building directory with sticky note saying that the information is incorrect

To update building directories, send changes to FDO Communications, which will make changes and send an updated PDF to the department. Submit the PDF to the Print & Copy Center, using their Web Form. Once directory is printed, contact FDO Communications to arrange for installation.

Space Changes

Classroom with movable desks and chairs and sunshine coming in through large windows

To request function or capacity changes to university spaces, submit a Space Modification Request.

Space Administration and Planning will help guide you through the design and approval processes. For more information, see our Request a Project page.

Design & Remodel Services

Worker paints ceiling with a roller in a space under construction

We provide architectural, engineering, and interior design services for the majority of construction projects on campus.

Design services for small projects are provided by the in-house design team or by subcontractors. For more information see our Request a Project page.

Funded Services

Funded services are paid with university operating funds and provided without charge. Funded services include operation, maintenance, and custodial cleaning of academic facilities, utilities, and grounds and generally include any item that is permanently attached, plumbed and/or wired to an academic facility.

Chargeable Services

Chargeable services are supported by direct charges to the customer requesting services. Examples of chargeable services include departmental renovation of academic space, maintenance of University Residences, Viking Union, and repair or maintenance of moveable equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, any remodel requests and any projects requiring a building, electrical, or fire department permit will require architectural or engineering design services. Design services for small projects are provided by the in-house design team or by subcontractors.

Yes! You can request a preliminary cost range (PCR) through the service request. An FM representative will contact you to help define the scope of what you want and we will provide a ballpark estimate for your planning purposes. There is no charge for a PCR.

Our is made up of both billable trades people and administrative overhead that supports those trades. The hourly rate charged includes the cost of salaries and benefits of the actual laborer, plus an amount that covers labor costs of the shop supervisor, time keeping, the customer service desk, accounting, purchasing, and management. There is also an amount included to maintain, repair and replace general shop equipment including tools, computers, vehicles and non-billed materials.

Our web site contains a schedule of cleaning services by building and room for all academic spaces. In general, we clean public spaces, restrooms, classrooms and labs daily, and vacuum offices weekly. Occupants of private offices remove their own trash and recyclables to central locations in the building.

New keys and fobs are ordered through the online Fixit portal.

Based on historical data and trends, as we approach the end of a fiscal year and a biennium, we typically see increases in project requests. Please allow at least 5 months from SUBMITTING project requests to best meet your desired completion dates. This includes 3 months for design (note: design is provided by CPD,
not FM), one month for estimating, and time for funding for large projects (like remodels of multiple offices). Of course the time is shorter for smaller sized projects.

Example request submission dates for routine completion dates are:

End of Fiscal Year Deadline: February 1st
Start of Fall Quarter Deadline: May 1st
Winter Intersession: August 1st
Spring Break: November 1st