Kaiser Borsari Architect's Renderings

Kaiser Borsari Hall connected to the Communications Facility by a sky bridge
Students study and chat in a lounge with large windows, wooden beams, desks and casual chairs
People scattered around a brightly lit event space with floor to ceiling windows
High tech equipment in a learning lab
Rendering of two student standing at a desk and looking out a window
Rendering of people walking in a pedestrian bridge with windows on both sides
Students sit and stand talking in several groups in a lounge with large windows and casual furniture
Aerial view of WWU campus, surrounded by trees, mountains, and water, with Kaiser Borsari Hall rendered in
East side of Kaiser Borsari Hall showing dark brown siding, banks of windows and the outline of solar panels on the roof
Two people talk in the corner of a lab space with wooden ceilings, workstations, and diagrams on the walls
Architect's rendering of the west elevation of Kaiser Borsari Hall
Aerial view of Kaiser Borsari Hall showing solar panels on roof and sky bridge connection to Communications
A student stands in a room with many computer monitors and bright sun in the background