Kaiser Borsari Construction Impacts

Main stairwell in Communications Facility closed

The central atrium stairwell in the Communications Facility will be closed through August 2024 for construction of the sky bridge connection to the new Kaiser Borsari Hall.

Please use stairs located at the north and south ends of the building. The north stairwell can only be accessed from outside the building. Basement classrooms are accessible only by the north stairwell or the elevators.

Diagram showing open stairwell as outlined above

Ongoing impacts

Construction began on Kaiser Borsari Hall, Western’s new electrical and computer engineering, energy science, and computer science building, on March 20, 2023. The new building will be located east of the Communications Facility on the site of the 17G parking lot.

Map showing the site of Kaiser Borsari Hall east of the Communications Facility

Parking changes

  • Parking lot 17G lot will be closed throughout construction. 
  • ADA parking is available in lots 19G and 9G.
  • To replace the parking spaces displaced by the project, 131 new spaces have been added to South College Drive, and 41 new spaces have been added in lot 31V.

Clinics parking

The Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic and the Counseling Training Clinic are open on their regular schedule. 

  • Clinic parking is now located in Lot 19G to the west of the clinic. Please follow the directions on the Clinics information page to reach the new parking area and the clinics. 
  • If you have any questions, please call:
  • Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic: (360) 650-3881
  • Counseling Training Clinic: (360) 650-3184

Route changes

  • Bicyclists are encouraged to use the path near the Wade King Recreation Center as an alternate route to avoid intermittent closures and congestion.
  • Please be aware of increased congestion through Haskell Plaza as cyclists and pedestrians use alternatives to East College Way.
  • Walk bikes as necessary, and always dismount for the walk zones past Carver and through Red Square.
  • Pedestrians are encouraged to use foot paths through campus.
map showing closed section of walkway between the main path and the Academic Instructional Center

Other impacts

Hours of construction will generally be 7 am to 4 pm, depending on weather and conditions, but some exceptions may occur if needed with advance permission from the university. FDO customer service will notify the university community ahead of any variation in schedule. Noise and fume levels will be monitored to mitigate impacts on surrounding building occupants.

Construction logistics maps are provided as a guide to expected impacts but may change as the construction plan is developed.

Contact Information

Mark Nicasio, Project Manager, (360) 650-6296

Jonathan Higgins, Director, University Communications, (360) 650-3350