PW776 Student Development & Success Center Predesign RFQ

We are no longer accepting submissions for this RFQ

Response Date: 3:00 PM PST, Bellingham WA local time, July 30, 2021

Qualifications will be received by Western Washington University from firms interested in providing Predesign services for the Student Development & Success Center project.

Services are to include: programming, conceptual design, cost estimating, and development of a predesign document meeting OFM’s latest guidelines.

Firms must have an established record of excellence in programming, planning, design, and cost estimating with a strong background in institutional facilities, sustainability, and employment of OMWBE certified subconsultants.

At the discretion of the University, firms that are not physically located in the State of Washington will be required to affiliate with a qualified, in-state firm acceptable to the University.

The anticipated budget range for consultant predesign services for this project is approximately $260,000.

Contact Information

Forest Payne, Project Manager & University Planner, (360) 650-6813