Schematic Design Scope


Upload files to e-Builder for consultant use.

  • Existing building AutoCAD background files
  • Historical data
  • Vault record drawings 

Review project scope with Interior Designer (ID) and complete checklist.

  • Confirm building standards and configurations to be integrated into design.
  • Coordinate Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FFE) requirements.
  • Develop schedule for client review, confirmation, and order placement deadlines.

Review room and door numbers with FM Asset Management.

  • Ensure coordination between the database and the drawings. 

Determine building and room keys needed.

  • Generate phase in AiM for Lockshop
  • Attach form to AiM for consultant key ring creation.

Generate phase in AiM per building for any shop required to support the consultant during design.


Determine project laydown and parking locations

  • Negotiate with parking office for space in an existing parking lot.
  • Negotiate with the grounds for laydown space outside parking lots.
  • Review laydown area with electric shop and EIS to confirm availability of temporary utilities.