SD Stakeholders


Contact and fill out department checklists:

  • EHS 
  • Telecom 
  • Lockshop 
  • ATUS

Hold Steering meetings as needed.

Schedule FM and Client reviews, using Bluebeam session.

If project is in an occupied University Residence Hall:

  • Create UR Project Fact Sheet.
  • Review entry protocol with consultants.
  • Notify U.Res. prior to scheduled visits in time for notification of residents.
  • Coordinate checkout of visitor badges with U.Res.

Consult Project Communications Planning and Project Communication Graphic to begin communications planning.

  • Complete PW Fact Sheet and send a copy to CPD communications coordinator.
  • Provide communications coordinator preliminary schedule for publication of project to website.
  • Work with communications coordinator to determine signage needs and get signs made.